CSafe™ - Training & Safety Management Software

Safety, Training & Risk Management Solutions.

CSafe™ is an integrated, module-based suite of Training and Safety Management Software.
   Howden adds CSAFE™ safety and training information database software to its mining portfolio with the acquisition of Chasm Consulting   more information »
CSafe™ provides the tools to help ensure the health and safety of your personnel, as well as identify, record and mitigate potential risks and hazards in your workplace.
Manage, monitor and enforce the training and induction requirements of your organisation with the CSafe™ Training Module.
Use CSafe™ to assist your business in meeting Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliance standards, including OHSAS 11801 and AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Highly Customisable & Easy To Use.

CSafe™ is designed to:

  • Assist in meeting Health & Safety (OHS) compliance standards
  • Manage and mitigate workplace risk and hazards
  • Streamline safety and training procedures

CSafe™ is module-based software, which can be scaled based on your business needs. CSafe™ is highly customisable, and can be easily modified to suit your existing organisational structure and practices.

Contact us today to ask how CSafe™ can help you meet safety and training requirements within your organisation.