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CSafe™ Software is available in three versions and is designed to scale from low cost single user installations for smaller contracting / service companies, up to multi-user large mining or construction companies with thousands of employees.

CSafe™ provides an easy and economical way for you to comply with the safety and training requirements of your organisation.

CSafe™ Lite

CSafe LiteCSafe™ Lite is a low-cost standardised version designed for single user installations in small organisations.

  • Suitable for home businesses, clubs and associations
  • Simple incident investigation
  • Single user only

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CSafe™ Small Business

CSafe Small BusinessCSafe™ Small Business is designed for small-medium sized business that require multiple user accounts for management across different departments.

  • Password protected security
  • Optional module upgrades available
  • Up to 5 users

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CSafe™ Enterprise

CSafe EnterpriseCSafe™ Enterprise is designed for large organisations with potentially thousands of employees. Tasks and records can be assigned and shared between users, improving channels of communication across the business.

  • Customisable group level security
  • Extended SQL database options
  • Optional module upgrades available
  • Unlimited users

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