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CSafe™ Enterprise


CSafe™ Enterprise is designed for large organisations with many thousands of employees.

  • Fully customisable to suit your business
  • Extra high-level support services
  • Extended database options (SQL)
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
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CSafe™ Enterprise is designed for large enterprise-scale organisations with many thousands of employees. Tasks and records can be assigned and shared between users, improving channels of communication across the business.

Use CSafe™ Enterprise to:

  • Keep track of personnel safety and training records
  • Meet government OHS requirements
  • Manage personnel across multiple departments and sites.
  • Store large amounts of critical data on industry-standard database systems.

Features include:

  • Unlimited User Accounts – security and access restrictions can be set up for each account.
  • Customisable Group Level Security – for additional protection of sensitive information.
  • Incident Investigation – detailed with customisable items.
  • Extended Database Options – optional upgrade to SQL Server enterprise level database system.
  • Included Modules:
    • Personnel – Store a detailed database of all staff, contractor and visitor information.
    • Records – Track incidents, meetings, audits, hazards and reporting / analysis features, plus much more.
    • Actions – Record preventative and corrective actions, with automatic email notification. Escalation if actions not completed.
    • Training – Create and manage personnel training reports, certificates and matrices.
    • Training Matrix Excel Add-on – visualise and print large volumes of training data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Optional Modules Available:
    • Risk Register – build and manage a complete risk register for your business.
    • Recurring Tasks – set up recurring tasks with history and comments recorded every time the task is completed.
    • Activity Log – record and track corrective/preventative actions and work activity.
    • Health Management – assists in managing overall health status, injury recovery and clinic attendance records for your staff.
    • Document Control – provides an easily searchable document register, with a full history log of changes and an archive of previous versions.

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