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CSafe™ Lite


CSafe™ Lite is a low-cost standardised version designed for single user installations in small organisations.

  • Suitable for home businesses, clubs and associations
  • Simple incident investigation
  • Single user only
* Prices do not include GST

CSafe™ Lite is designed for the needs of small businesses/organisations requiring only simple safety, training and incident management for a small number of personnel.

Use CSafe™ Lite to:

  • Keep track of staff safety and training records.
  • Meet government OHS requirements.

Features include:

  • Single User – ideal for basic management of small business safety requirements.
  • Simple Incident Investigation – Root cause, corrective actions, managerial review and sign-off, ICAM incident investigation system.
  • Included Modules:
    • Personnel – Store a detailed database of all staff, contractor and visitor information.
    • Records – Track incidents, meetings, audits, hazards and reporting / analysis features, plus much more.
    • Actions – Record preventative and corrective actions, with automatic email notification. Escalation if actions not completed.
    • Training – Create and manage personnel training reports, certificates and matrices.

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