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Key Features


Meet Compliance Standards.
Manage and Mitigate Risk.
Improve Training and Safety Management.

CSafe™ is an integrated suite of module-based training and safety management software designed for use in heavy industries, such as mining, construction, shipping and machinery. Here are some of the key features of CSafe™ that can help benefit your organisation.

Personnel Information

Maintaining accurate personnel information is critical to the ongoing performance and management of your company. CSafe™ allows you to store and manage detailed staff, contractor and visitor information.

Relevant Modules:

Training Management

Ensuring that all personnel on your work site are correctly inducted is essential to personnel safety and meeting safety compliance standards. CSafe™ maintains up-to-date training records for all staff and contractors, ensuring that all personnel on your work site are correctly inducted and sufficiently competent to perform their daily tasks.

Relevant Modules:

Safety & Hazard Control

CSafe™ provides tools to assist in identifying, recording and actioning many different types of safety-related activities, hazards and incidents.

Relevant Modules:

Risk Control, Review & Mitigation

Identifying potential health and safety risks in advance can greatly assist in avoiding and mitigating incidents. Therefore it is critical for all organisations to maintain and utilise a Risk Register that includes essential risk information such as risk probability, impact, scale, category and counter-measures.

Relevant Modules:

Inspection & Audit Management

Inspections and audits are essential tools in identifying and addressing key flaws and shortcomings within your organisation. CSafe™ can schedule recurring inspections/audits, and maintain a log of inspection/audit notes and comments.

Relevant Modules:

Incident Investigation & Outcomes

Use CSafe™ to significantly improve your incident investigation processes by storing, managing and analysing investigation data to generate appropriate outcomes.

Relevant Modules:

Corrective & Preventative Action Implementation

It is essential for organisations to investigate and effectively action the root causes of identified problems in an attempt to prevent their occurrence or recurrence. Implementation of corrective and preventive actions is the path towards overall improvement and effectiveness of quality within the organisation. CSafe™ allows staff to create action records and keep track of action progress.

Relevant Modules:

Health Monitoring & Injury Management

It is important for any organisation that the health and wellbeing of its employees be well managed and monitored. CSafe™ allows you to record and review all medical clinic visits, monitor outcomes, and also to record and monitor injury treatment and recovery information.

Relevant Modules:

Document Storage & Control

Documents stored in a document management system provide evidence of documents under control. Failing to comply could cause fines, the loss of business, or damage to a business’s reputation. With CSafe™ you can manage and store your organisations’ important documents with confidence and ease.

Relevant Modules: