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CSafe™ is provided across the following easy-to-use modules that cover all aspects of health, safety and training.


The CSafe™ Personnel Module is the core module of CSafe™ that all other modules link in to for the organisation structure.

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The CSafe™ Training Module makes it easy to manage the training requirements of your business.

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The CSafe™ Records Module is a powerful tool that provides a means for recording and investigating all possible safety records.

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Recurring Task

Use the CSafe™ Recurring Task Module to manage and schedule regular tasks that help ensure company compliance with safety obligations.

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Record and track corrective and preventative actions with the CSafe™ Actions Module.

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Activity Log

The CSafe™ Activity Log Module provides a fast and simple way of logging all personnel hours and equipment production figures.

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Risk Register

The CSafe™ Risk Register Module makes it easy to build and manage a complete Risk Register for your business.

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Document Control

Manage documents and approvals with the CSafe™ Document Control Module.

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Health Management

The CSafe™ Health Management Module helps manage overall health status, injury recovery and clinic attendance records for your staff.

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Multisite Synchronisation

The CSafe™ Multisite Synchronisation Module allows your organisation to periodically synchronise CSafe™ data from multiple CSafe™ systems at different locations to one central server.

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Chasm Consulting can also provide further customised modules to meet any business needs. Please contact us for more information.