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Record corrective and preventative actions with the CSafe™ Actions Module.

Record and track corrective and preventative actions within CSafe™ with the Actions Module. The Actions module is a core component of CSafe™ and is linked to a number of modules including the Records module and Recurring Tasks module. This intuitive module allows staff to keep track of action progress and will automatically remind users of overdue actions and escalate actions to management via email notification as the due date nears and/or passes. Actions are integrated into the Records Module.

Ensuring that corrective actions are completed is an essential component of improving safety and CSafe™ Actions makes this easier than ever!

Key Features

  • Status updates
  • Automatic reminders
  • Record Escalation – Automatic escalation of records to management via email notification.
  • Integrated with the Records Module
  • Summary reports
  • Action Overview – see all outstanding actions in CSafe™ in one location, you can then add filters for due date and responsibility as required.
  • Clear Action Due Date Identification – “traffic light” system allows you to easily see overdue and nearly due actions.
  • Recurring Actions – actions can be set to be completed again after a period of time.
  • Action Priority – Actions can be prioritised as required by the user.
  • Close-Out Security – control who can and cannot close out an action.