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Document Control


Manage documents and approvals with the CSafe™ Document Control Module.

The CSafe™ Document Control module provides an easily searchable document register, with a full history log of changes and an archive of previous versions. The module assists users in ensuring that current documents are available and easily accessible to all personnel, and that obsolete documents are removed from circulation.

Key Features

  • Document Organisation – sort documents by Document Types, Control Types, Departments and Work Areas.
  • Create Documents – create new documents based on template files for that Document Type.
  • Import Documents – import existing documents. Any file type can be imported as a controlled document.
  • Drafting – maintain a draft copy of every document for editing and revision.
  • Revision Log – a history log of changes and revision dates is available for every document.
  • Keyword Search – a keyword list for each document can be established to allow staff to find documents based on specific keywords.
  • Document Review Scheduling – establish review timeframes for individual documents.
  • Document Deactivation – documents can be deactivated to remove them from circulation.