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Health Management


Manage personnel health and injury recovery progress with the
CSafe™ Health Management Module.

The CSafe™ Health Management module provides a powerful record keeping tool for all Clinic Activities and Injury Management. This module allows you to record and review all clinic visits and outcomes; and also to record injury management updates, as well as consumable usage and hand over reports between clinic personnel.

Key Features

  • Clinic Activity Log – record clinic actions and outcomes, for example patient visits, drug tests, dehydration tests etc.
  • Activity Overview – allows users to search and filter all health management events.
  • Medical History – medical staff can immediately view all prior history items involving a specific patient.
  • Medications History – view an easily accessible list of all medications and consumables issued to each patient.
  • Printable Reports – reports for patient visits can be generated and printed for forwarding on to external health providers.
  • Clinic Handover Report – this report contains all relevant information about the state of the clinic and any outstanding issues that require attention.
  • Cost Allocation – all clinic activities, consumables and staff time can be allocated a cost. This allows for clinic cost reports to be generated and allocated to cost codes.
  • Equipment Log Sheet – a log sheet is available to record details of regular checks of equipment.
  • Clinic Activity Report – reports can be generated showing the split of time or cost between work related and non-work related clinic activity.
  • Injury Recovery Register – a register to record return to work progress when an injury occurs.