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Multisite Synchronisation


Synchronise your CSafe™ data across remote networks with the CSafe™ Multisite Synchronisation Module.

The CSafe™ Multisite Synchronisation module allows your organisation to periodically synchronise CSafe™ data from multiple CSafe™ systems at different locations to one central server.

This feature is particularly useful for remote sites with unreliable internet connections; data is synchronised between sites and the central server upon reconnection to the internet.

While the user is disconnected from the central server, they still have access to a fully functional and populated version of CSafe™.

Key Features

  • Background Synchronisation – Users don’t have to do anything to indicate they are going offline or to initiate a sync of records.
  • Work Uninterrupted – Users continue to work from their local CSAFE server if the internet connection drops out.
  • Faster Work Environment – Running from a local onsite server allows for faster access to data.
  • Set Synchronisation Frequency – The frequency of synchronisations can be independently set for every table in CSafe™.