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Create detailed data profiles of your staff with the CSafe™ Personnel Module.

CSafe™ Personnel is the core module of CSafe™ that all other modules access for personnel and company information. CSafe™ Personnel also has built in tools for the creation of customized groups – this allows for easy management of people belonging to different clubs and teams, for example Social Clubs, Gym Memberships or Mine Rescue Squads.

Chasm Consulting can assist with importing any current personnel lists into the CSafe™ system.

Key Features

  • Personnel Information – create detailed records of all staff, contractors and visitors
  • Upload Photo – store a photograph for each person
  • Active Personnel – “traffic light” system to easily see who is currently active or permanent
  • Training Record Integration – the CSafe™ Training Module is integrated into the personnel overview allowing users to filter personnel by completed training records. The “traffic lights” can be adjusted to display this information instead of status.
  • Related Records – easily view records in other modules relating to a person from their personnel file
  • Roster Reports – create roster reports filtered by organisation structure, residency or by customised groupings
  • Secured Data – security features control who can view and edit personal information
  • Email List Export – create mailing lists that can be exported to a spreadsheet
  • Employment History – store personnel employment history to track position changes within the organisation
  • And much more!