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Keep track of incident and investigation data with the CSafe™ Records Module.

The CSafe™ Records Module is a powerful tool that provides a means for recording and actioning many different types of safety-related activities, hazards and incidents. A major component of this module is the incident investigation tool, that provides a customisable full investigation process allowing you to perform a complete investigation electronically; from the initial notification to the final sign-off and review from management and all steps in between.

Key Features

  • Record Taking and Storage – provides a facility for the recording and storage of the following records:
    • Safety Incidents
    • Environmental Incidents
    • Full Investigations
    • Safety Observations
    • Hazard Reports
    • Process Loss
    • Inspections
    • Audits
    • Safety Meetings
    • Compliance Actions
    • Change Management
    • User Defined Record Types
  • User Friendly Layout
  • Customisable Email Notifications – ability to set email notifications to occur for any record type
  • Action Assignment – enter corrective actions against any record with automatic escalation.
  • Analysis Tools – create graphs and statistical data representations
  • Urgent Record Notification – ‘traffic light’ system allows you to easily find records that require attention
  • Record Lock – Function to lock a record to prevent accidental changes. System Administrators and the user who locked the record can unlock it.
  • Customisable Survey – create customised questions to gather specific information for each type of record
  • And much more!

Records ScreenshotCSafe™ Records includes an additional form for adding records without the user requiring access to the full CSafe™ system. This provides a simple interface for submitting a new record to CSafe™, and takes the onus of collecting data away from OHS Personnel.

Security can be added by requiring that a record type be reviewed and approved by OHS Personnel before being accepted as an official record.