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Risk Register


Use the CSafe™ Risk Register to build and manage a complete Risk Register for your business.

A risk register is an important tool to ensure business risks are identified and periodically reviewed and managed to an acceptable level. CSafe™ Risk Register makes it easy to build and manage a complete Risk Register for your business. Customisable Risk Categories allow you to allocate risk register entries to everything from job safety, infrastructure, environmental, financial and many more different types of business risks.

Key Features

  • Centralised Entries – store all Risk Register entries in one unified location, eliminating the use of multiple spreadsheets.
  • Risk Categories – ability to group risks by customisable categories.
  • Risk View Filters – view risks for a particular section of the business or for the business as a whole.
  • Assign Actions – enter corrective actions against any risk.
  • Customisable Risk Matrix
  • Risk Review Due – Function to display Risk Register entries that require review on or before a set date.
  • Preset Risk Controls – apply preset risk controls and edit them if required.
  • Record Security – control who can view and edit risk register records.
  • Link Risks – link related risks together
  • And much more!