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Manage training exercises and records with the CSafe™ Training Module.

CSafe™ Training makes it easy to effectively manage the training requirements of your business. This module maintains up-to-date training records for all staff and contractors, ensuring that all personnel on your work site are correctly inducted and sufficiently competent to perform their daily tasks.

CSafe™ Training is integrated with the Records Module to allow investigators to quickly determine if a lack of training may have been a factor in an incident.

Key Features

  • Training History – store a history of inductions and medicals.
  • Customisable Training Packages – group training material into packages to define training requirements based on position and/or work location.
  • Record Archive – store and archive outdated training records.
  • Automatic training expiry calculation
  • Display Expiring Records – function to display training records that will have expired by a given date.
  • Training Room Organiser – manage bookings for on-site training rooms.
  • Personnel Search – search for personnel based on training requirements.
  • File Attachments – unlimited number of attachments (photos, documents etc) can be added to each personnel training file.
  • Record Security – control who can view and edit training records.
  • Record Assignment – Add training records directly to one person or to a group of people
  • Create certificates
  • Excel Training Matrix (optional add-on) – Visualise, organise and print large volumes of training data directly from the CSafe™ database using Microsoft Excel.